What do we mean by “off-market”?

The category of real estate referred to as “off-market” is on the rise among international buyers and sellers. “Off-market” generally refers to real estate that is being sold outside of the general public domain and without being advertised on multiple real estate portals or MLS systems. It is commonly only listed by a small network of agents or brokers who have access to high-end (or secretive) investors or vendors.

In some cases, vendors might prefer not to list their real estate assets for sale due to sensitive issues of confidentiality. Much in the same way, many buyers may also prefer to keep their plans outside of public knowledge, especially when acting on behalf of major investment companies or well-known public figures.

At Hotel Brokers Europe we are partnered with a number of international “off-market” specialists. So, whether you are buying or selling, feel free to contact Robert Whelan or Stuart McRae for a strictly confidential conversation to see how they may be able to help with your confidential transactions.


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